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   Monday, March 04, 2002  
What do they do all day? reallyrather is often given to pondering how some artists on the margins of success, not known for relentless touring nor especially prolific in the recording department, fill their days. Out stalking the woods seeking the muse, it would be nice to imagine. The truth is probably rather more dismal so it's maybe best not to know. Side projects are always handy. Chris Collingwood, one half of the songwriting team behind the Fountains of Wayne, has a country-rock plaything, the magnificently named Gay Potatoes - nothing taped as of yet but some promising live mp3s recorded at their debut gig. Happily, his 'day job' recently convened at Stratosphere Sound in NY to thrash out some new stuff. 18 or so new songs on the go, sessions resume later this month. Chop chop, guys...

Ploughing a similarly uber-melodic furrow, the Gigolo Aunts are apparently a bit further down the recording track. Dave Gibbs and co. are v. probably twiddlin' an' a-fiddlin with tracks for Pacific Ocean Blues as you read this...

VirginRadio is doing everyone a mighty favour with the CaptainAmerica show Sundays 10-12pm. Not sure how long we can expect it to last but hopefully the bandwagon has some way to run. Canada's Songs: Ohia turned up last night which was ok, but reallyrather can't resist pointing you in the direction of compatriot Hayden's stark, melodic folk pop/rock. Mr Besser confesses all in an interview just up at Splendid: "When I was 12 or 13, I was into Top 40 radio stuff. I liked Phil Collins. At the time it wasn’t totally geeky to like Phil Collins. Actually, yes it was."

The Long Winters's album reviewed - don't quite get the GbV association. It's a solid, diverting debut with at least a couple of stand-outs (and, it has to be said, a duff, overlong opener). If you're kicking over whether or not to bother with the new Cracker, give The Worst You Can Do Is Harm a go instead...
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