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   Thursday, February 09, 2006  
'It's unexpected..that the first album on which all of [Jenny] Lewis's songs cry genius is the first she has recorded alone,' reckons this (not untypically slavering) review of Rabbit fur coat. Having always found the weakest moments on Rilo Kiley's albums to be those associated with band co-founder Blake Sennett, far more unexpected for reallyrather is the fact that his side project release hasn't let her's get a look-in round here as yet.
Sun, sun, sun, the second release from The Elected, isn't about to change anybody's world but it will arm you with enough warm, soft rays of analog goodness to fight off February. Spanning a melodic pop spectrum ranging from Weezer-y wigout to, frankly, Raindrops keep falling on my head this is mostly classic '70s-style soft rock awash with organ, lap steel, muted horns, feathery backing vocals and some tight, soulful little guitar fills.
The big pop moments are the gorgeously swelling Not going home, the seven-minutes-plus Biggest star which evolves a bit like Rilo's Pictures of success and Did me good wherein Sennett attempts to get vocally stroppy and sounds suddenly rather English. These are supported by folkier things like the gently rolling It was love (replete with accordian and banjo) and Old times; Ronnie Lane leaps to mind during The Bank and Trust which also raises a smile when some honking horns are dropped in amongst the lap steel loveliness. Basically, anyone who enjoyed More adventurous will find plenty to like here even without the presence of Her Jennyness...
The Elected

But enjoyable as Sun, sun, sun is it hasn't been this blog's No.1 spin over the first few weeks of 2006. That honour goes to a homemade self-release from some kids in Missouri. The record's called Broom and band's called Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. No, it really is that way round (though the cd packaging does seem configured to allow them scope to switch if they choose). And what they're offering is some v. accomplished indie-power-pop, smartly arranged with nifty chords, vocal parts and handclaps. You'll hear strains of Oranger (particularly), Sloan, Fountains of Wayne and Weezer all in the first couple of tracks, being Pangea and I am warm and powerful, both just great. The shuffling House fire and springy brevity of Yr broom are other highlights along with Beatle-y chugger Travel song and the straightahead kicking pop of Oregon girl. Yep, reallyrather is taking Boris Yeltsin ahead of, say, The Spinto Band; if this blog was a label, the licensing would've been signed & sealed by now...
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin

But being an indie record label's even more precarious than being an indie mag. For an insight read Drownedinsound's regretful encomium for the soon-to-be-no-more Comes With A Smile over here...

Meanwhile, going from strength to strength it would seem, it's now £25(!) to see the Tanyas - Barbican, July 17 and going quite fast...
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